Allied Testing Laboratories

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Allied Testing Laboratories

Soil Testing and Inspection: Certified technicians test and monitor lift thickness and moisture/compaction for compliance with project plans and specifications including ASTM Standards.


Soil Field Tests:

* ASTM D 3017  In-Place Field Density Test (Nuclear Gauge Method)

* ASTM D 2922  In-Place Water Content of Soil and Rock (Nuclear Gauge Method)

* ASTM D 1556  In-Place Field Density Test (Sand Cone Method)


Soil Laboratory Tests:

* ASTM D 1557  Moisture/Density Relationship

* ASTM D   422  Particle Size Analysis

* Atterberg Limits

* Permeability (Falling Head, Constant Head, Flexiwall)


Concrete Testing and Inspection: Field and laboratory testing of concrete mixtures performed by our certified technicians in order to ensure conformance with project plans and specifications as well as ASTM Standards.

Concrete Field Tests:

* ASTM C     31  Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens

* ASTM C   138  Concrete Unit Weight and Yield Checks

* ASTM C   143  Slump Test

* ASTM C   172  Sampling Fresh Concrete

* ASTM C   173  Air Entrainment Test (Volumetric Method)

* ASTM C   231  Air Entrainment Test (Pressure Method)

* ASTM C 1064  Temperature of Fresh Concrete

* ASTM E  1155  Floor Flatness/Levelness Testing

* ASTM F  1869  Moisture Vapor Emission using Anhydrous Calcium Chloride

* ASTM F  2170  Relative Humidity using In-Situ Probes


Concrete Laboratory Tests:

* ASTM C     39  Compressive Strength Testing of Cylinders


Masonry Testing and Inspection: Technicians ensure that the placement and curing procedures for masonry are adhered to in accordance with project specifications, ASTM Standards, as well as any applicable code requirements.


Masonry Field and Laboratory Tests:

* ASTM C   39      Compressive Strength Testing

* ASTM C  140     Sample and Test Concrete Masonry Units

* ASTM C  1019   Sample and Test Grout Specimens


Structural Steel Inspections: Certified steel inspectors conduct reinforcing and structural steel testing and inspection services to verify design requirements, which include:

* Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

* Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

* Liquid Penetrant Testing (VT)

* Welding Procedure Development

* Welding Procedure and Performance Qualification Testing

* Shop/Field Inspection of Structural and other types of Steel Construction

* High Strength Bolting Examination

* Special Inspections

* Light Gauge Metal Framing

* Curtain Wall Inspection

* Laboratory Testing of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials, Castings, Weldments, and Forgings


Spray Fireproofing Inspections: An ICC Certified Fireproofing Inspector will evaluate the Sprayed-on Fireproofing for proper coverage, thickness, and density.


* ASTM E 605 Thickness and Density Testing

* ASTM E 736  Cohesion/Adhesion Testing


Bituminous Asphalt Inspections: An NETTCP Certified Bituminous Field Technician will ensure that the preliminary paving surface is properly prepared for paving by checking the temperature of the delivered mixture, inspection of the paving and rolling operation, check pavement thickness and determine in place density.


Bituminous Field and Laboratory Tests:

* ASTM D 2950  In Place Density (Nuclear Density Gauge)

* ASTM D 3549  Thickness Evaluation/Coring of Pavement

* AASHTO T245  Preparation of Marshall Specimens

* AASHTO T166  Bulk Specific Gravity of Mixtures

* AASHTO T209  Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity

* AASHTO T164  Extraction of Bitumen from Mix and Gradation


Miscellaneous Inspections and Testing:

* Visual Inspection of Building Envelope Components

* ASTM E   783  Air Infiltration

* ASTM E 1105  Water Infiltration

* ASTM E 1186  Air Leak Testing (4.2.6; 4.2.7)

* ASTM D 4541  Air/Vapor Barrier Adhesion Pull Test

* AAMA   501.2  Water Leakage Check