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Michael J. Talbot


*Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) Compliance

*Geotechnical Engineering

*Environmental Remediation Services


*Registered Professional Engineer (PE) - Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California

*Licensed Site Professional (LSP)

*Former President Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers


*M.S Civil Engineering-Concentration: Geotechnical Engineering-University of California at Berkeley, 1982

*B.S Civil Engineering-Merrimack College, 1978


Principal Mike Talbot is a Civil Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in geotechnical engineering, groundwater contamination assessments, and landfill and hazardous waste site design and closure. Mike performs and manages a wide range of engineering projects including subsurface explorations, laboratory testing, computer analysis, engineering design, report and permit application preparation and construction monitoring. His projects include office buildings, parking garages, hospitals, earth dams and residential developments.


West Columbus Urban Renewal Project/Basketball Hall of Fame

Springfield, MA - 2001

Principal-in-charge for environmental investigations and cleanup of 19 contiguous properties on 18-acre site. Assisted Springfield Redevelopmemnt Authority (SRA) by assessing contamination cleanup costs at each property site prior to negotiated purchases or eminent domain land takings. Contamination was detected at six different locations and included total petroleum hydrocarbons, manufactured gas residues, cyanide and heavy metals.

Facilitated liability negotiations with former property owners and guided SRA in Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) compliance. In general, the most extensive levels of contamination were associated with past activities of Springfield Gas Works. Manufactured gas wastes were discovered in the central portion of the redevelopment area, formerly the storage tank site, as well as the northern section, which was part of and downgradient of the main gas works site. Other areas were contaminated with gasoline, cyanide, lead, arsenic and degreasing solvents.

Developed various reports to allow cleanup to proceed and comply with the MCP. Prepared remediation plans and specifications as well as a construction bid package. Assisted client in soliciting  contractor bids and provided contract administration services during remediation. Following completion of remediation, prepared Response Action Outcome (RAO) Statement reports for all six release locations.

Yankee Candle Office Building and Distribution Center

South Deerfield, Massachusetts, 2001

Principal-in-charge and Chief Geotechnical Engineer for construction of 250,000 square foot distribution warehouse and three-story office building. Analyzed geotechnical issues related to construction of complex over 60-foot thick layer of varved clay. Advised on construction, pavements and post-construction settlements due to foundation and building floor loads.

Former American Bosch Factory Site

Springfield, Massachusetts, ongoing

Principal-in-charge for environmental investigations and cleanup of large manufacturing complex. The site consisted of three separate properties and more than 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Contaminants detected included total petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated degreasing solvents. Prepared Phase I, II and IV reports consistent with MCP.

Remediation activities at the site consisted of Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) Systems for solvent contamination, bioventing of petroleum contaminated soils, and the recovery of separate phase petroleum products. A partial Response Action (RAO) Statement has been issued for solvent contamination areas. Remedial activities are ongoing in petroleum contamination areas.

Baystate Medical Center Parking Garage

Springfield, Massachusetts, 2003

Principal-in-charge for subsurface exploration, foundation design and construction observation of 800-space, three-level parking garage. The structure was constructed of precast concrete elements and was founded over medium dense, alluvial river deposits.

Memorial Industrial Park II/Former Smith & Wesson Property

Springfield, MA, 2003

Principal-in-charge for environmental investigations and design servies for 54-acre industrial park. The site contained three disposal sites associated with a nearby large industrial complex. Assessed nature and extent of contamination developed conceptual designs and cost estimates during project's preliminary planning phases. Assisted client in obtaining environmental insurance.

Provided guidance in negotiations with former site owners. Prepared feasibility studies, design plans and specifications for remediation at all three release locations. Ultimate site solutions consisted of consolidation of impacted soils and sediments, and construction of engineered barriers over impacted soils.

Prepared remediation plans and specifications as well as a construction bid package. Assisted other design professionals on project team in completing filings for the local wetlands commission and under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA).

Indian Orchards Brownfields Site

Springfield, MA, 2002

Principal-in-charge for environmental investigations and cleanup during Federal Brownfields Program Investigation at the former Crane Company manufacturing complex. Contaminants detected included total petroleum hydrocarbons and heavy metals. Developed Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Plan consistent with U.S. EPA guidelines. Prepared Phase I, II and IV reports consistent with the MCP. Determined remedial action plan to address contaminants associated with leaking underground storage tanks and surface spills.

Millbank Apartments

Northampton, Massachusetts, 2002

Principal-in-charge for environmental assessment and delivery of geotechnical design services associated with 10,000 square foot apartment building. The site was underlain by up to 20 feet of debris fill containing elevated levels of lead and more than 100 feet of soft clay.

Performed investigations and assessment associated with lead release and completed RAO Statement to meet MCP requirements. Performed geotechnical investigations to allow construction of building on drilled pier foundations. Advised during construction on debris fill and impacted soils management.

East Springfield Public Safety Complex

Springfield, Massachusetts, 1999

Principal-in-charge for subsurface exploration, foundation design, and construction of a two-story, 14,000 square foot fire station. The structure was founded over medium dense sands and medium stiff clay. Geotechnical issues included foundation support and the design of basement systems, groutwater control and a 100-foot tall communications tower.

New School Construction, Gateway School District

Huntington, Massachusetts, 1993

PrincIpal-in-charge for subsurface exploration, foundation design and construction of six new schools in the Gateway School District. The Building  consisted of one to three-story structures, all of which were founded on traditional spread footings bearing on varying soil conditions. Geotechnical issues included foundation support, design of basement systems, groundwater control and construction related issues.