Allied Testing Laboratories

115 St. George Road

Springfield, MA 01104

(413) 736-1846

Allied Testing Laboratories

An Independent Testing Laboratory

Allied Testing Laboratories, Inc., in business since the 1960's, is an independent testing laboratory with a full service laboratory staffed by engineering and technical personnel qualified to perform various state & local building code requirements, military specifications, OSHA/DEP standards  or client requirements.


We are a member of the following organizations:

A.S.T.M. - American Society for Testing and Materials

A.S.N.T. - American Society for Non-Destructive Testing

A.C.I. - American Concrete Institute

A.W.S. - American Welding Society

C.C.R.L. - Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratories

A.M.R.L. - AASHTO Material Reference Laboratory

Building Trades Association

National Safety Council